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VolkerWessels Telecom Belgium is independent of any brand. This puts us in the best position to offer customers the best solution. However, we have entered into long-term relationships with a few reputable partners who meet our stringent quality requirements, with the keywords being quality and trust. These are also the keywords which are central in our relations with our customers. Together we seek to present a total solution to the customer.

Af-x fire solutions

Af-x fire solutions is our partner for innovative extinguisher systems. In the event of a fire, extinguishers only act on the seat of the fire and the continuity of business processes is guaranteed.

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APC Schneider Electric

VolkerWessels Telecom is proud to be able to announce itself as an elite partner of APC Schneider Electric.

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VolkerWessels Telecom Belgium is a 'Certified Installer' of network cables for Brand-Rex, a world-wide player in the supply of cables for data networks.

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Kaal Masten

In Kaal Masten B.V. VolkerWessels Telecom Belgium has found the ideal partner to broaden its portfolio. As well as installing masts, we can now also supply them.

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Mega Hissotto

Mega Hissotto Air Conditioning for telecom shelters, monoblocks and split units.

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VolkerWessels Telecom Belgium is fully accredited for sales, installation and service by Minkels for their Varicondition-DX product range.

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