Extinguisher systems

Af-x fire solutions is our partner for innovative extinguisher systems. In the event of a fire, extinguishers only act on the seat of the fire and the continuity of business processes is guaranteed.

Af-x fire solutions with dry aerosol

The fire extinguisher system in a data centre is often an expensive affair and it is possible that European directives will mean that the "older" gaseous fire suppression installations can no longer be used.
Therefore VolkerWessels Telecom Belgium has already gone in search of a new progressive and, in particular, economical design which we have found in Fire Pro from af-x fire solutions. This unique system works on the dry aerosol principle and is installed in a cascade design.


The major benefit of this compact system is that extinguishers only act on the seat of the fire itself so that the continuity of the business processes is guaranteed, while it is also economical in terms of both fitting out the building and the use of materials, and not harmful to the environment or dangerous to humans.
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