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Radio links and microwave

Network design, line of sight check, installation of equipment and maintenance. VolkerWessels Telecom Belgium creates microwave links.

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Radio links have a wide range of uses, for example for a superfast (low-latency) data connection between fixed points or as a temporary or permanent link between two office sites. These point-to-point radio links offer ever greater bandwidth over ever greater distances.

From acquisition to 24/7 maintenance

Our acquisition team looks for the right site, handles the formalities (leasing contract, permit, frequency application) and determines the height and direction to set up a line of sight (LOS) link between the aerials.

All civil engineering work and cable work required for the installation of the dish aerials is carried out by our riggers. Then they align the antenna perfectly.
Lastly we deal with the installation of the active equipment and integration and commissioning (I&C).

In addition our 24/7 team are ready to guarantee the continuing quality and availability of your link.

More information

If you need more information regarding Radio Links and Microwave, do not hesitate to contact us.