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Monopole masts

We use a special method for preparing foundations for the supply and installation of Kaal slimline monopole masts. This involves using high-frequency vibrations to sink a foundation tube into the ground, on which the mast can be installed directly.

Way of work

We can install a complete mast with aerials, including the foundation, in just a few hours. For monopole masts, a hard concrete foundation that needs weeks of drying time is now a thing of the past. We use high frequency vibration to sink a precalculated foundation tube into the ground while the aerials are mounted onto the tubular mast. We can then immediately install the mast and the cables, which are already hanging ready inside the mast tube, can then be connected.

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Fast, effective and environmentally friendly


The benefits are obvious.
We can set up an operational site in a single day.

The disturbance for local residents and traffic is minimal.

The mast and the foundation tube are easy to remove and can be reused elsewhere.

This system also offers more choice of installation site, as the mast can be installed close to buildings or on sloping ground.

And there is even a saving in the number of vehicles needed to execute the foundations and install the mast - our ‘multi-purpose truck' carries everything that is needed: the foundation tube, the mast itself and all the equipment needed for the mast installation.

More information

If you need more information regarding Monopole masts, do not hesitate to contact us.