Trenches need to be dug to lay cables and pipes for electricity, water, gas, HDPE or other applications. Our machinists, groundworkers, certified PE welders and drivers are in action every day for utilities, industry or government.
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Excavations in the street often cause problems for local residents and the environment. But they are still necessary, because every home, office or building needs water, electricity and gas for its energy needs. Electrical cables and signal cables connect street lights and control panels. HDPE ducts make fibre-optic connections to your office possible.

Reduce impact

On a daily basis, our staff tackle the challenge of carrying out this work efficiently, safely and effectively with minimum damage to the environment. Team leaders control the teams on site and supervise the agreed plan. Of course we sort out any required police and signposting permits and carry out work in accordance with local regulations.

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If you need more information regarding trenching, do not hesitate to contact us.
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