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Directional drilling

By executing horizontal drillings we reduce environmental damage, work faster and cut down the volume of earth to be moved. Where the site and type of connection allows, we use this technique for laying pipes and cables.


Our solution

Road excavations are often a nuisance to residents. The footway is interrupted or access to a garage is temporarily blocked. Sometimes a trench cannot be dug because the roadway cannot be turn up or because the road bed already has too many pipes and cables close below the surface.
In such cases directional drilling can offer a solution which still allows pipes and cables to run underground.

Way of work

Directional drilling technology allows pipes, cables and mains to be laid without disturbance at ground level for the full length of the excavation. The only open excavation needs to be at the entry and exit points. The type of drilling equipment to be used depends on the space available to set it up, the length of the bore, the soil type and the depth. The drilling is executed and monitored accurately, taking account of existing underground services.

More information

If you need more information regarding Trenching, do not hesitate to contact us.